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Chris Delaunay
United States

Photo of Chris Delaunay My internship at UNEP's Regional Office for North America (UNEP RONA) gave me an opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects. I wrote a memorandum to UNEP RONA's Regional Director and the UNEP Executive Director summarizing policy reports and legislative hearing testimony on climate change and national security. This memorandum prepared the Regional and Executive Directors for meetings with policy advisors to presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain on the Presidential Climate Action Plan. I also wrote a one-page memo about Los Angeles' air quality during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, comparing it to the air quality of Beijing before the 2008 Olympics. This was challenging because I analyzed and translated Environmental Protection Agency data into a one-page report that concisely explained the situation to policymakers.

My overall experience inspired me to write two research papers and pursue work in the environment field, and UNEP RONA staff supported me by providing me with valuable information and contacts. One of my papers looked at climate change as a factor contributing to violent conflicts and what the UN can do to address the problem. As a third year law student and a research assistant at the Center for Island Climate Adaptation Policy, I want to continue my work and studies in climate change and policymaking.


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